Installation and Commissioning

During 20 years Brothers Engineers has installed and commissioned four thousands of Gas Chlorinator set, 200 nos. PFI Plant 300 nos. water pump, 50 nos. switchgear and 100 nos. Substations. Our team of service engineers and technicians are highly experienced and has received extensive training to ensure that our customers are in good hands.

Soon after delivery of the Gas Chlorinator set at the site our well-equipped installation team comprising of service engineers & technicians takes over. Included here is trenching for pipe laying and ejector work. The installation and commissioning involves preparation of BOQ, ensuring availability of the right materials at the right quantity at the right time, placing and internal wiring of all Panel board and Booster Pump as per the regulatory authority requirement. A thorough check is done at the completion of the installation process to ensure the safety of the distribution equipment, efficient power distribution and maximize care for installation and the environment. Commissioning includes the checking of all connections and settings of equipment and ancillaries, test run and finally supplying of Chlorine to the loads. Installation & testingwork is usually completed within 2 days.

Service and Maintenance

Within warranty period, service is provided on call. Service beyond this period is provided at a nominal fee. Our service team is available to respond to any emergencies and responses to normal calls are kept within 12-24 hrs.

We offer servicing/repairing of all types of Gas Chlorinator set (25PPD- 2000PPD) Pump, switchgear (LT, HT, PFI), transformers and Panel Board etc.

Our Control Room always Open, Control room Phone number 04477753107, 9354355.

We also offer yearly or extended maintenance contracts to ensure equipment is running at its optimal condition and to safeguard the life of the equipment. Service and Maintenance Contracts may include schedule maintenance,unscheduled maintenance, health-check and troubleshooting. During the contracted period, our personnel will visit customers facility as per the agreed schedule and provide service and maintenance.